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Indoor Air Quality Ottawa Will Identify Your Air Quality Concerns And Deliver

Professional, Cost-effective, Permanent Air Quality Solutions

Home Air Quality Inspection

At Indoor Air Quality Ottawa, our strength is identifying the source of problems so you can thrive in a healthy environment.

Identifying an odour is secondary to determining why it occurred in the first place. Our strength lies in finding the source – mold testing, sewer gas, combustion spillage, chemical off-gassing – then ensuring it won’t come back again by specifying remediation solutions that fix the root cause of the problem.

Our certifications at Indoor Air Quality Ottawa are from legitimate, established institutions requiring post-secondary education, verified knowledge, and a minimum 8-year field experience

Residential Air Quality Inspection

Residential Air Quality Testing

  • Mold testing, lead and asbestos assessment and consulting

  • Musty odours, chemical smells, fumes, allergies and dust mites
  • Pre-purchase / Pre-Sale Air Quality Home Inspections

  • Infrared Camera Inspection (Building Investigations)

  • Volatile organic compounds (off-gassing)

  • Smoke testing for duct-work and plumbing leaks

  • Gas and fuel oil leaks
  • Headache-causing or health-impacting contaminants
  • Radon gas and hydrogen sulfide (sewer gas)
  • Water and flood damage
  • Wet or leaky basements and foundation cracks
  • Ventilation design, airflow analysis and humidity levels
  • Microbial contamination and bacteria
  • Moisture mapping and thermal imaging
Commercial Air Quality Inspection

Commercial Air Quality Inspection

  • Mold testing, lead, asbestos and bacteria testing

  • Relative humidity, temperature and moisture mapping

  • Infrared Camera Inspection (Building Investigations)

  • Smoke testing for duct-work and plumbing leaks

  • Ventilation Rates Total Building (VRP)
  • Duct air flow and velocity rates
  • Respirable suspended particulates
  • Formaldehyde, oil mists, nitrogen dioxide, methane, low level explosive gases
  • Designated substance surveys, site assessment, building durability
  • Phase I & II Environmental and hydrocarbon soil sampling
  • Carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide (sewer gas), carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, chloride, ammonia, oxygen, ozone
  • Volatile organic compounds (off-gassing)
  • Building pressure differentials and airflow inconsistency testing
  • Indoor garage air quality compliance
  • Compressed Air
  • Total Dust Sampling and Monitoring

Air Quality Inspection Checklist

Air Quality Inspection Checklist

  • Recognized Professional Accreditations
  • Established industry experience
  • Testing only: does not offer repair or remediation services
  • Errors and omissions Insurance
  • Home inspection accreditation
  • Mechanical and ventilation system accreditation
  • Produces professional reports
  • Ability to perform airflow analysis

It is not in your best interest to have the same company test and remedy your air quality.

Check Air Quality



Check Air Quality



Indoor Air Quality Ottawa will identify your air quality concerns and deliver professional, cost-effective, permanent solutions.

Our professionally trained consultants have provided solutions to all types of air quality conditions since 2003.
Call today to speak to a Certified Air Quality Consultant.

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