Is your basement affecting your air quality?

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Is your home or office making you sick?

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Today’s tighter energy efficient buildings pose a variety of new challenging air quality concerns. Building alterations, new building materials, and new mechanical systems directly affect air quality.

IAQ Ottawa provides full, in-depth air quality consulting services. Our consultants address all aspects of air quality identified in today’s energy efficient indoor environments. Gas, mold, chemical, biological, mechanical, and building pressure hazards are routinely identified and documented. Our reports are comprehensive and easy to understand.

Address the source of the odour and eliminate the cause!

All air quality conditions are the result of occupant activity, building construction techniques, and the outdoor environment. Understanding the relationship between these conditions requires building science knowledge and experience. Identifying the source and cause of the air quality problem is the first step toward healthy air quality.

Our experience in building construction science, mechanical system design, and air quality testing ensures our clients receive a cost effective, permanent solution to any type of indoor environmental condition.

We follow a professional protocol to solve your air quality situation:

  • Identify odours or problems
  • Scientifically document the exposure
  • Pinpoint the cause of problems, not just the result.
  • Identify the solutions and help you locate independent, qualified contractor options
  • Perform independent, post-remediation clearance testing to ensure your health and safety before you renter the building.

Our investigations provide permanent solutions

Speak to our consultant before you make costly decisions!

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