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Today’s tighter energy-efficient buildings pose a variety of new challenging air quality concerns. Building alterations, new building materials, and new mechanical systems directly affect air quality.

IAQ Ottawa provides full, in-depth air quality consulting services. Our consultants address all aspects of air quality identified in today’s energy-efficient indoor environments. Gas, mold, chemical, biological, mechanical, and building pressure hazards are routinely identified and documented. Our reports are comprehensive and easy to understand.

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All air quality conditions result from occupant activity, building construction techniques, and the outdoor environment. Understanding the relationship between these conditions requires building scientific knowledge and experience. Identifying the source and cause of the air quality problem is the first step toward healthy air quality.

Our experience in building construction science, mechanical system design, and air quality testing ensures our clients receive a cost-effective, permanent solution to any type of indoor environmental condition.

We follow a professional protocol to solve your air quality situation:

  • Identify odours or problems
  • Scientifically document the exposure
  • Pinpoint the cause of problems, not just the result.
  • Identify the solutions and help you locate independent, qualified contractor options
  • Perform independent, post-remediation clearance testing to ensure your health and safety before you renter the building.

Air Quality Testing

How much do you know about your indoor air quality? Many factors can harm the air you breathe inside, such as microbial, exterior, or fabric contamination, fire or water damage residue, and poor ventilation. While these are harmful to the air, they can also cause various health problems. IAQO has the tools and experience to test your air quality, detect potential issues, and make personalized recommendations to help improve it.


Mold Testing

Mold and fungal problems can pose a serious threat to the health of you and your family or employees. While our business does not perform mold removal services, we are committed to using the latest tools to accurately identify, quantify, and assess the level of mold contamination on your property. Our team will provide a detailed scope of removal that adheres to the CCA-82 guidelines. It is not enough to simply remove the mold growth. The moisture conditions that allowed for it must also be remedied. Once removal is completed, we recommend booking a return appointment for due diligence and peace of mind.


Asbestos Testing

Asbestos was used in various construction materials in the past, with the fabrication stopping in 1985. These fibres can be present in floor tiles, stipple ceilings, glues, and plaster or mud joint compounds. Becoming an increased risk if disturbed, renovations often unearth asbestos. Homeowners and building managers are responsible for determining whether this or other harmful substances are present prior to renovations for the safety of anyone involved. The IAQO team can perform full Designated Substance Surveys for rooms or an entire building to comply with regulations regarding asbestos and its abatement.


Infrared Thermal Imaging Home Inspection

Numerous building-related problems can impact your indoor environment. Moisture leaks, foundation cracks, insulation voids, hidden condensation, and electrical and plumbing defects can all be challenging to identify without the right tools. At IAQO, we can perform a thermal imaging infrared camera scan of your home or premises to detect these issues. This scan uses long-wave electromagnetic radiation imaging to see energy and heat variations from any building surface. This inspection ensures that your home is kept sealed, safe, and remains energy efficient.


Smoke Testing

At IAQO, we use non-toxic, pressurized smoke testing to identify building airflow patterns that could be causing peculiar odours or energy inefficiencies. These could be within your drain pipes and plumbing or HVAC ductwork. The smoke will permeate to reveal leaks or cracks that might not be detected in a visual inspection. This technique can be used between rooms within buildings or areas as large as automotive repair garages to determine potential issues.


Environmental Home Inspections

There are a lot of steps associated with buying or selling a home. One thing you shouldn’t overlook is getting proper home inspections for structural and environmental concerns. Many appraisers require a home inspection before putting a dollar value on a property, and it offers peace of mind to potential buyers that everything is how it seems. An inspector can verify if the home is up to code. IAQO can ascertain if the home you are buying or selling is a healthy one, identifying potential air quality issues that could pose future problems, such as mold, asbestos, or gas leaks.


Environmental Construction Management

Home renovations often start off cluttered with debris. You may not be aware of the potentially harmful materials that could be disturbed during this process, but your home could contain lead, mold, mercury, asbestos, or silica. Maintain the health and safety of your family and contractors and follow government regulations by having a pre-renovation consultation with IAQO. Visiting the site, we’ll obtain samples as required and can even review your plans to ensure you comply with the Ministry of Health and Safety, Ministry of Labour and Ministry of the Environment.


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