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Indoor Air Quality Ottawa (IAQ Ottawa) has been successfully performing complete air quality assessments since 2003. Our consultants have 20 years of building science and large building construction management experience, followed by complete, professional air quality training by recognized institutions. We have comprehensive building science knowledge and construction experience including mechanical system design and total indoor environmental assessments.

We believe in education. Our inspectors are Council-Certified Indoor Environmental Consultants and have completed the CMHC Air Quality Inspection Program. They annually update their certifications with ongoing training and re-certification programs necessary to maintain their professional accreditation.

Our sampling equipment is state-of-the-art and professionally re-calibrated bi-annually.

Our motivation is to improve your home or business air quality, period. Our consultants are able to identify, quantify, and provide solutions to every kind of indoor air quality concern experienced in today’s tighter buildings.

About Your Inspector

Your air quality consultant must have:

A comprehensive residential air quality assessment requires two distinct skill sets:

  1. A firm understanding of all air quality parameters including both chemical and biological agents and exposure values. The tools, equipment, and experience to professionally capture and evaluate samples and results.
  2. The building and construction-related knowledge and exposure to identify the onsite building/mechanical system defect that precipitated the air quality condition. The technical knowledge necessary to produce problem-solving reports and remedies following recognized industry guidelines.

Our duo-trained technicians are registered home inspectors certified to perform comprehensive air quality audits.

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