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Indoor air pollution and human exposure to indoor pollutants and contaminated air is a major concern for many home and business owners.

Since 1970, information on the health risk associated with indoor air pollutants has increased steadily. Since the general population is indoors most of the time and because of indoor air pollution’s pervasive nature, no one is immune to the effects of indoor air pollution.

Reported health risks associated include eye, nose, and throat irritations, central nervous system disorders, allergic sensitivity reactions, and a variety of other respiratory and health problems.

There are many factors which contribute to poor indoor air quality. Among those are microbial contamination, residue from fire damage and water damage, contamination from outside the building, inadequate ventilation and fabric contamination.

Proper air quality improves productivity, and comfort, and provides a sense of health and well-being within the environment. The air you breathe should be free from foul odours, dust and contaminants. Air should also circulate properly to prevent stuffiness without creating drafts. The goal is to ensure that the occupants never feel sick within the environment.

Temperature and humidity also play a large role in maintaining a proper indoor environment. It is important to consider the season as well as the clothing and activity conducted by the occupants.

Indoor Air Quality Ottawa has the expertise to test, detect and recommend professional air quality solutions specifically suited to you. You can trust us to help make your home or business a healthy environment for your family and staff.

We are your complete indoor air quality testing provider in Ottawa.

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