Live or work in the Gatineau area and need a dependable air quality test? Indoor Air Quality Ottawa can provide peace of mind and help you make informed next steps. With our suite of professional services, covering everything from airstream contaminant testing to asbestos checks and more, there’s something to address every concern relative to maintaining a healthy, safe indoor environment. Our solutions are designed to be fast, effective, and sometimes even permanent depending on the circumstances, and you’ll benefit greatly from the deep well of knowledge our experienced team utilizes for every job.

Residential Air Quality Inspections

From allergen and dust suppression to protecting against invasive mold and more, our residential air quality inspections cover all the angles, meaning you don’t have to. We’re adamant about a proactive approach, treating no two sites the same. For instance, our moisture mapping and thermal imaging tests can identify problems such as leaks, drafts, and even pest infestations. Alternatively, we can perform smoke testing to verify that your ductwork and plumbing is operating as it should. We’re a great choice for home air quality inspections prior to buying or selling a property, helping you make an informed decision by spotlighting any potential risks.

Commercial Air Quality Inspections

Along with almost all the options available to residential clients, our commercial air quality inspections prioritize employee and visitor safety above all else. However, having clean air can also translate to an environment that is easier to maintain, improved quality assurance with sensitive products, optimal indoor relative humidity control for comfort purposes, and more. In addition, with specialized subservices available including everything from dust sampling to VRP calculations and designated site surveys, we’ll paint the clearest possible picture of just how clear your air is.

Our Focus: Quality Testing for Absolute Confidence

The secret to optimal air quality testing is to be thorough and leave nothing to chance. We’re therefore fully certified by organizations including the HRAI, ACAC, IICRC, and many more. Our technicians must have a minimum of eight years of practical, real-world experience in addition to post-secondary training.

Our focus must also remain solely on risk assessments; we do not offer repair or remediation services, zeroing in on accurately identifying all possible problems. That being said, we’re happy to point you in the right direction and suggest appropriate next steps. Other aspects of our air quality inspection checklist include full mechanical and ventilation system accreditation, professional reports available for every client, certifications to perform home inspections and airflow analyses, and errors and omissions insurance.

Breathe easier – literally – with our Gatineau indoor air quality inspection solutions, trusted by thousands over the years we’ve been in business. Reach out to us today to secure a detailed quote and to discuss your needs.

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