Lyme Disease and Indoor Air Quality

Lyme disease infections can be particularly difficult for the human body’s immune system to deal with. However, symptoms are intensified in conditions with poor indoor air quality. It is recommended that building occupants ensure the quality of their air is hygienic and safe, avoiding complicating Lyme disease infections or even preventing them from occurring [...]

Healthy Home Hints

If we understand “how” a house works, we can then control the conditions that spawn poor air quality.  A healthy building is a building that is designed, constructed, renovated, and maintained to reduce the accumulation of above-normal chemical and biological off-gassing or particulates. It must be watertight, control air change per hour, and be [...]

Mold Testing

Mold Testing and Inspection Services Ottawa Do you have or suspect mold growth in your home or workplace? Hire a professional mold inspection company like Indoor Air Quality Ottawa. Through the use of state of the art mold detection tools - we help you make the most informed decision. Our inspectors will then [...]

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4 Strategies For Maintaining A Health Home

The current meteoric rise in public concern and interest regarding air quality and healthy environments has created an opportunity for industry to market and promote a myriad of diverse products and services. Everything from scented candles and snake oils, to ozone generators and air fresheners are being advertised as the air quality answer to [...]