Lyme Disease and Indoor Air Quality

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Lyme disease infections affect the immune system. Building occupants are influenced by our indoor environment.

People suffering from Lyme disease are faced with a myriad of symptoms. Some symptoms are negatively influenced by the indoor environment such as sound, smell, odour, particles, mold, humidity, chemical sensitivity, or a typical loss of general well-being. All indoor environments are affected by mass or energy stressors. Individual building stressors are different for each household and are influenced by biological and chemical loads.

It has been suggested that chronic Lyme disease patients are influenced by the indoor environment, specifically elevations of humidity and mold/mould spore counts. Lyme disease patients are also affected by chemical hypersensitivity, industrial toxins, elevated ultra-fine particulate counts, and common allergy triggers. Our indoor environments are susceptible to elevated chemical or biological “loads” caused by occupant activity or building science-related conditions.

An effective Lyme disease treatment strategy is to reduce all unnecessary exposures to external stressors; this allows the immune system to be less taxed and ready to begin the healing process. A healthy indoor environment begins with identifying and quantifying known air quality contaminants and limiting our exposure to them. An indoor air quality investigation identifies environmental conditions that pose potential unnecessary loads present in our personal indoor environment.

An air quality audit and building system inspection performed by our certified building inspections/environmental consultants will quickly identify and quantify any and all exposures to mass or energy stressors affecting the health of the immune-compromised occupant.

Our technicians are able to produce a list of comprehensive home remedies, repairs or alterations that will immediately improve air quality and reduce environmental loads. Reports are simple to comprehend instructions – full of pictures, suggested product, cleaning or mechanical system improvements that may be necessary to improve your air quality. Our reports can be geared to the homeowner, DIYer, or industry professional tradesperson.

Indoor Air Quality Ottawa has been investigating air quality conditions for 20 years. Why not start your road to recovery with an indoor air quality assessment of your home today?