Asbestos Testing in Ottawa For Homes Built Before 1986

When Was Asbestos Used in Canada?

This material was used in many construction products until late 1985. Asbestos fibers may become a risk during any type of home renovation or construction activity. The Ontario Ministry of Labour, Ontario Regulation 278-05 governs the asbestos abatement conditions that regulate its testing, removal, and management.

What is Asbestos Found in?

Asbestos-containing materials may be found in:

  • Stipple ceilings
  • Plaster or mud joint compound
  • Cementitious parging – cement or plaster of Paris
  • Stucco, caulking, pebble-textured exterior finish
  • Pipe wrap, insulation, thermal paper
  • Roof bitumen and fireproofing
  • Adhesives, glues, mastics
  • Floor and ceiling tiles
  • Old boilers, water tanks, and radiators

The homeowner or building manager is responsible to determine what designated substances are in their home prior to construction or renovation for risks of exposure to workers and family.

Commercial buildings, rentals, and retail businesses must have testing and an asbestos management plan to comply with the government’s asbestos regulations.

Three common older home designated substances:

  1. Lead paint and solder, piping, and switches
  2. Asbestos in construction materials
  3. Silica in plaster, wallboard, cement, parging, and grout

When Should I Test For Asbestos?

Before you renovate, demolish, sell, or purchase a house, call IAQ Ottawa for an inspection!

Protect yourself – identify, defend, then decontaminate!

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Designated Substance Surveys

IAQ Ottawa can perform all your pre-purchase or pre-renovation demolition needs including full Designated Substance Surveys for rooms or the entire building.

Lead, asbestos, silica, mercury, or PCB assessments before you start your construction projects. Our inspector, Shawn Rankin, has 35 years of construction management experience and has been awarded the CMHC “Healthy Home Builder” and “Healthy Home Renovator” in 1999.

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