DIY Face Mask
Today, our brave frontline professionals require all available personal protective equipment; therefore, the average person must get creative if they require protective equipment in order to take care of close family and friends. 

Here are 9 easy steps to make your own DIY adjustable face shield (all materials from your recycling bin)!

Tools Needed: 

  • Glue 
  • Scissors (or a knife)
  • Tape
  • Paper clips 
  • Elastic bands
  • Plastic material used for food packaging (Office 11.5/8 clear plastic sheets work as well)
  • An empty bleach/detergent/margarine/pop container
  1. Wash all selected containers thoroughly.  
  2. Cut off the bottom of your bottle/plastic container.
    DIY Face Mask  DIY Face Mask DIY Face Mask DIY Face Mask
  3. Cut one strip 1-inch thick (leave 2 inches for the second piece).
    DIY Face Mask DIY Face Mask
  4. Cut notches in the ends of the second headband to hook your elastics through.
    DIY Face Mask
  5. Loop the elastic hands together, then loop elastics at the end of the headband (try it on, adjust as required).
    DIY Face Mask
  6. Cut the clear plastic shield according to the width of your face.
    DIY Face Mask DIY Face Mask
  7. Find the center of the 2-inch band and mark a line.
  8. Take the 1-inch strip, mark the center, and glue/tape the 1-inch band to the outside of the 2-inch band – leaving about 1½ inch of space at the center line (this will hold the mask above your nose/forehead).
    DIY Face Mask
  9. Glue the center lines together and then clamp the sides with the paper or binder clips. Once the glue dries add more paper or binder clips to cover the sides of your face. Adjust clips to cover your eyes from the side (you can mark your name on the outer band before you glue the clear plastic shield if you want!).DIY Face Mask DIY Face Mask
  10. Wash your hands, place face mask and cover shield. You’re ready to visit your family members.
    DIY Face Mask DIY Face Mask

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Stay safe, social distance, and wash your hands!