The Importance of Ventilation in Your Home

Whether you purchase a new build or move into an existing property, the way air filters and flows through your home directly influences occupant health and comfort. Even a single room with stagnant air can introduce problems such as mold, fungi, and more thanks to gathering bacteria. Therefore, it’s important that your home has an efficient and dependable ventilation system. Today, let’s spotlight some critical reasons why.

Good Ventilation Rates Mean Better Air Filtration

Air ventilation rates represent the amount of fresh air from outdoors that is filtered through and supplied to a room, typically measured in litres per second. There are several contributing factors including the size of each room, insulation efficiency, present equipment, contaminant levels, and even the number of occupants in the space, just to name a few. Therefore, getting a professional air quality inspection is the best way to obtain accurate readings.

Best Practices

Most newer home designs are better optimized to improve indoor air quality control with enhanced air sealing, windows, doors, and insulation techniques. Triple-layer weatherstripping is a good example of this. Proper ventilation system design incorporates a means to control airborne contaminants such as particles, bacteria, and vermin. It should also help you better maintain appropriate indoor relative humidity control – between 35 to 55 percent RH is ideal.

Filter Out Odours, Dust and Allergens

Plenty of folks struggle with allergies to airborne particles such as pollen spores, pet dander, and more. Some are negatively affected by strong odours that seep in from outside, the spread of dust mites, and more. To achieve a comfortable indoor environment conducive to good health, a ventilation system that helps keep these negative triggers filtered out and the right amount of air moisture content inside is essential. Whether you want to prevent stuffiness, eliminate drafts or protect your allergic child from the airborne dander of a neighbour’s dog in the yard beside your home, you need a system that is designed for maximum suppression efficiency.

A home with clean, healthy air is a happy one. Occupants get to enjoy improved comfort, wellness, and contentment in their own private surroundings. Plus, with proper humidity control via an optimized ventilation system, you can ensure just enough hydration to improve focus, reduce irritability and help your family feel more at ease. If you need a hand with determining your indoor air ventilation rates and which solutions to choose, contact Indoor Air Quality Ottawa today for a thorough inspection. We’re happy to help you make an informed decision!