Why Thermal Imaging is Key to Identifying Moisture Damage

If your home or business encounters pent-up moisture, it can cause severe damage in the long term. Everything from the growth of mold spores to soggy insulation, leaks, unhealthy indoor humidity, and more can pose serious issues for our wellness. The ideal way to accurately identify signs of moisture damage to your property is to hire an ITC-certified professional specializing in thermal imaging. However, why is that the case?

Let’s explore in more detail and find out.

Temperature Fluctuation Analysis

When moisture is present, it often is at a different temperature than the surrounding space. This shows up easily on modern thermal imaging equipment, enabling experts performing a scan of your property to quickly identify affected areas. This is particularly useful for checking the structural integrity of flooring, foundations, hidden wall and ceiling condensation, and more. The process works by way of infrared scanning, which uses long-wave electromagnetic radiation imaging. This technology is capable of picking up fluctuations in energy and heat, and it can be used both inside and outside of the property as long as ambient temperature conditions enable for clear reading (10°C temperature differential indoor-outdoor).

Vermin Detection

Another sign of a property experiencing condensation buildup is the presence of insects and other pests that are drawn to moisture and sitting water. Again, thermal imaging technology comes to the rescue by detecting heat emissions, especially if there are nests or large quantities isolated in certain areas of the structure. You’ll typically find pests like these within walls, flooring, light fixtures and ceiling areas are other potential targets.

Why Choose an ITC Certified Inspector for Thermal Imaging?

Being certified by the Infrared Training Center (ITC) means having the dedicated skillset, knowledge, and designation to carry out thermography services. Our team at Indoor Air Quality Ottawa/Canada prides itself on having and maintaining full ITC certification. We’ve adhered to careful, specialized guidelines focusing on the proper application of this powerful technology, meaning we’re trained to quickly identify and address issues that can be picked up with thermal imaging hardware. As the world leader in infrared thermography training, the ITC is highly respected amongst home inspectors – and their certification is definitely something to check for when hiring a professional.

Another reason to hire an ITC specialist is that they are endorsed by the Government of Canada. The Canadian government requires Infrared thermographer certifications in its National Master Specification (NMS Building Enclosures, section 02 27 13), which can only be obtained by participating in a minimum of  32 hours in-class training (ASNT L1) followed by exams, assignments, and re-certification every 5 years. Our thermographer has completed the Level 1 Certified Building Investigations qualifications and complies with the National Master Specification (NMS Building Enclosures, Level 1), so you can rest assured that you will receive the best possible service. 

Want to learn more about the benefits of thermal imaging services? Our team is happy to help. Contact us today to discuss our thermography services and explore how we can assist.