Why You Should Choose Indoor Air Quality to Inspect Your Home

Home is where the heart is, and it’s also where you trust your family can stay safe and healthy for many years to come. To avoid unwanted risks, working with a courteous and professional air quality inspector for your home is an ideal decision to make. At Indoor Air Quality Ottawa, we believe in empowering you with highly accurate, detailed data collected from a wide array of specialized air quality inspection services. That way, you’re 100-percent informed of current indoor conditions, and you’ll have our help in figuring out which solution to address any risks discovered is best for your needs and budget. Today, let’s go over some key reasons why you should choose Indoor Air Quality to inspect your home.

A Wide Range of Specialized Services

Our residential air quality inspections cover a lot of ground, both literally and figuratively. With state-of-the-art equipment and experienced team members who know how to use it, we can detect a vast array of risks if they are present in your home. These include gas and fuel leaks, health-impacting contaminants, mold or dampness, radon, and sewer gases, off-gassed volatile compounds, asbestos, and a whole lot more! We can even perform moisture mapping and thermal imaging tests to pinpoint the exact source of leaks, fumes, and other unwanted problems. Plus, if you suffer from specific allergies or are sensitive to indoor relative humidity conditions, we can ensure you have all the facts with detailed yet easy-to-understand reporting.

Sound Advice from Our Building Science Experts

Our dedicated air quality inspectors work tirelessly to ensure no questions are left unanswered when it comes to your home’s airflow and condition. With our extensive knowledge of building design, air ventilation systems, and filtration, we have the insights necessary for providing accurate and sound advice on the next steps if an issue is detected during inspection. Working with experts means having peace of mind and confidence in the data we deliver!

Our mission at Indoor Air Quality Ottawa is simple: Keep you safe and healthy by informing you of current air quality conditions within your home. We’ll be transparent, honest and upfront about any risks that surface during our inspections, and you can be assured that we’ll also help you determine the appropriate course of action. Are you ready to have an air quality inspection performed at your home? Contact the team at Indoor Air Quality today, and we’ll be glad to arrange everything for you!